Affordable Aerial HD Video

Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for aerial videography offer huge cost savings over traditional manned helicopter aerial video flights. Our radio controlled multi-rotor HD camera rigs are able to fly where other traditional aircraft can not. Their unique flying characteristics allow them to be flown in narrow areas - such as walkways, through trees, or through natural obstructions.  In addition, they can fly closer to buildings or moving vehicles in a way that would be too dangerous or impossible for a full-size aircraft.  The perfect solution for low altitude aerial videography.


Real Estate Sales  •  Country Clubs  •  Horse Farms  •  Construction & Architecture
Building Inspection  •  Insurance Claims  •  Agriculture  •  Yachts  •  Wineries
Film & Video Production  •  Sporting Events  •  Private Events

Real Estate

Simple images of real estate are boring and often never capture the best features of a home or property.  Low-altitude aerial video offers dynamic perspective of even the most modest home and can add a level of drama to a high-end home that is sure to make an impact.  Our UAV camera rigs can capture architectural detail, landscaping, and other features of a listing in a way that was once impossible without hiring an expensive production company.  For residential real-estate, this has the benefit of evoking the very thing that sells a home - emotion.  People go to look at a home to see how they feel once inside.  The goal with our HD video presentation is to bridge the emotional gap between the online world and the physical world.  Helping you get more people inside a listing.

Construction & Architecture

The construction industry has relied on aerial images for a very long time.  Now, with our UAV camera rigs, we can document the progress of your construction project for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial media.  Video documentation of each phase of the project offers detail and history of the job site not possible with static aerial photographs.  This allows for easy collaboration between architects and construction managers - ensuring progression and design quality.  Architecture firms, together with construction companies benefit by having a “living” timeline of their work.  This helps with planning future renovations and conveying competence to prospective clients.

Insurance Claims

Each year, there seems to be a severe storm that creates property damage.  Estate Aerial Inc can inspect storm damage to roofs and other areas of a property that might be difficult to access after mother nature strikes.  This allows insurance companies and repair crews to efficiently assess the damage and determine the viability of an insurance claim.

Film & Video Production

Directors and production companies that are looking to add a whole new dimension to their projects will be inspired by the capabilities of our UAV camera rigs.  Exciting angles and perspectives can be captured when you have one of our highly-skilled UAV pilots at the helm.  You will be able to maintain creative control by directing our pilot using a live video downlink to our ground-station monitor.  Basically, you will see exactly what the UAV camera sees and be able to “fly” the camera - achieving the perfect shot.  If your needs go beyond the scope of our equipment, we can build a custom rig for you and fly whatever camera equipment you desire.

Private Events

Looking to add something totally unique to your private outing or sales event?  Our UAV camera rigs will be able to capture your event in a very unique way that showcases the participants and their surroundings.  Our service is ideal for all outdoor venues including private parties, car and motorcycle meets, community activities, charity events, fundraisers, and many others.  Aerial video can add to creating lasting memories and offer a perspective that is truly unique.

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