Professional Training

Estate Aerial, Inc. is the place to go to learn everything you need to know in order to safely fly a drone.

Earn Your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot License

Estate Aerial, Inc. now offers Part 107 preparatory training classes designed specifically for the non-pilot and corporate individual.  The class covers all the required information necessary in order to pass the FAA's Part 107 written test.

Unlike the classes offered through online videos, our classroom experience is more personal and fosters "ownership" of the knowledge - you will master the regulations and learn commercial aviation safety practices.  In addition, you will be given the tools necessary in order to competently study and pass the FAA's Part 107 written test.  Inquire today.

Hands-on Flight Training

The Law of Primacy basically states:

"What you learn first, you learn best."

It's best to be taught correctly the first time, then to struggle on your own making time consuming and costly mistakes while picking up bad flying habits that could be difficult to unlearn later.  This can lead to a false sense of competency and threaten safety.  Professional training is absolutely necessary.

Estate Aerial, Inc. now offers hands-on training for most DJI drones available on the market.  You train on your machine; learning everything you need to know in order to fly competently and safely.  Inquire today.